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Help me to find these divers!

Written by farkasdo


You never know what do you come across on a dive.



We were out on a fun DPV dive with my buddy when we came across a camera on the seabed. Picking it up the battery still came on.
Checking the photos revealed some nice pics of a holiday.
I would like to return it to the original owners, so I would summon the power of the Internet to find these guys.

What we do know:

They were in Malta in July 2021
The language of the camera was set to German
This seems to be the dive centre they used in Malta
They have been on the P31 in Comino, the Tug 2 in Sliema:
The last dive was the Imperial Eagle
Last pic was this surface selfie:
And I have found some surface pictures:



The camera itself:


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