HMS Hellespont
HMS Hellespont
HMS Hellespont was a paddle steamer ship, one of the many victims of WWII. Lays in 35-41 m just outside of Valletta.

HMS Hellespont was a paddle steamer, therefore don’t look for the propeller. Originally sunk in the harbour during an air raid in 1942. Later was refloated and dragged out since the damage was too excessive for repair. Scuttled just off north from Fort Rinella.

The boiler is a bit off the wreck, worth to visit. Usually, you can find moray eels, slipper lobsters around, and bullets laying around on the seabed. Available with a short boat ride, just outside Valletta. Normally currents are not strong here, this is an easy dive, we spend at least 15 minutes bottom time here.

The condition of the HMS Hellespont is surprisingly good except the bow section, where about 15 m is missing.

We recommend having Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures certification. 

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