Le Polynesien
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Le Polynesien was a French cruise liner, sunk during WWI. She lays between 48-65 m offering a stunning divesite for technical divers

Le Polynesien or SS Polynesien is one of the most famous wrecks in Malta, and for reason!

She was a victim of the first World War, sunk by a torpedo in August 1918. She lies on her port side, between 48-64m. Big groupers, barracudas, 2 cannons, plates, bottles, ammunition, boots, and many more you can find around here, after many dives we still finding new parts what haven’t seen before… Currents can be strong around here, good dive skills are necessary to dive this amazing 150 m long shipwreck.

Don’t even plan to see the whole wreck in one dive. Have a good plan, where do you want to go, which part do you want to see. You can easily plan 20-30 minutes down there, depending on your air consumption.

DPVs are definitely a good option here, due to the currents and the size of the wreck. Keep a good eye out where you are going, and make sure you head back to the shotline in time…

Since 2019 she is under the protection of Heritage Malta, therefore a special permit is necessary to dive it. Due to degrading condition penetration is not allowed anymore, and collecting any artefact is strictly forbidden! Only licensed dive centres and boats can visit the Historic wrecks.

TDI Trimix or equivalent certification is necessary to visit the SS Polynesien.

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