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The quality of your course does not depend only on the agency but rather the instructor

Dora Farkas

TDI SDI Instructor Trainer

My initial instructor course was in March 2006, and I have been working in the diving industry full time since 2007. Over four thousand dives and more than a thousand certified divers at various levels, I am still very enthusiastic about teaching! This is my love, my work and my hobby.
I did my first tech diving course in Koh Tao, Thailand in 2012, and instantly knew this was an area in diving I definitely wanted to progress in.
In the meantime, I moved to Malta, which gave me a much greater opportunity to develop skills and experience.
There I became PADI Tec Deep instructor in 2014, Full Trimix Instructor in 2016, then did my TDI crossover in 2017 and now teaching up to Advanced Trimix level.
What do I do in my free time? Mostly go diving! Always eager to learn I went on to complete a TDI Full Cave course in Mexico, as well as TDI Advanced Wreck course in Malta… Improving oneself never ends. In 2020 finally turned into silent diving which attracted me for a while but didn’t have the chance. Whenever I have the chance I am building up my experience with my rEvo CCR. Despite the travel challenges of 2021 finally managed to achieve rEvo instructor level! Looking forward to teach you about silent diving.

A new chapter opened in 2023! Becoming a TDI SDI instructor trainer was the logical next step since more of you asked for continuing education with me. Would you like to teach people how to dive? Or tec dive? TDI or SDI instructor courses and crossovers are available from now.

“You can not force someone to have the desire for self-improvement. But if you want to be good at what you are doing, I can help you to achieve it.”

What can you expect?

I teach small classes only, either private or a maximum of 2 students.

I offer flexibility in timing, course dates and plenty of patience. You are here to learn, so we focus on that.

But in the end, diving is fun! So you can expect that as well.

Using GoPro as a teaching tool

I believe you can learn more if you see yourself from outside, therefore I usually carry a camera. 

On the debriefing, we can go through the dive and see what and how can we improve.

If you agree, the footage becomes a nice memory as well after you finished.

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