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Dora Farkas 

TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor, Full Cave Diver, rEvo CCR Instructor

My philosophy is that it doesn’t really matter whether you take PADI, TDI, RAID, IANTD, or any other organisation’s course as long as you have a good instructor.  Therefore, I will put the maximum effort, to make you as good diver as you can be.  What I expect from you, is simply that you have an open mindset and are ready to learn.

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Private and group diving

Around Malta, Gozo and Comino

All diving activities are organised through WaterWorld Malta and DiveMed Malta as per local regulation. But away from the crowd. Special trips including DPV diving, nitrox and trimix wreck dives, Heritage Malta historical wrecks.


We were picked up at the hotel in the morning and directly started with an introduction and some theory…all very professional. I got to know, that the course won’t be easy and that Dora’s expectations were high, but also that we could expect a lot from our instructor. The diving itself was amazing. Dora recognized the smallest mistakes and problems and helped us to fix it. Even on the people level Dora did great and formed an even better buddy team out of my buddy and me. Even doing a challenging course, we had plenty of fun and a lot of laughs. I can highly recommend Dora for any technical diving courses and technical guiding…but also for every other diving related course!!!

Heiko Freiberger

Helitrox course

Malta is my dive training station

Good weather, friendly dive instructors and plenty of wrecks at different depths to explore. Ideal for starting from scratch to tech’ing it. In the Maltese tech world you have a couple of choices but why change a winning team? I stuck to Dive Systems Malta and her main tech instructor. With patience and due diligence, she’ll put you through your paces with the emphasis on mastering the necessary skills and live-saving drills. If you want to confidently go deep and live to tell the tale, find Dora ?

David Vandenberghe

TDI AN+DP course

"Eine richtig professionelle Ausbildung,

die praxisorientiert bis ins kleinste Detail geführt wurde zwecks Erreichung einer Spitzenleistung. All das, aufgepeppt mit viel Witz und Charme, habe ich während des Tec Trimix Kurs bei Dora Farkas erlebt. Kurz gesagt, Leistung der gehobenem Niveau. Danke, Dora!”

Eduard Romila

Trimix course

As I had been diving for a few years

it was time to explore new depths. As most of the wrecks in Ireland are beyond the depths of recreational diving it was time to take the step to Tec. I found the course to be well set out with my instructor Dora going into good detail during all parts of the courses. The set up at Dive Systems was very good and the training was first class. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to take the next step.


William Graham

Extended range course

Such a good time diving with Dora! Learnt loads, had fun and ticked off the best wrecks in Malta! See you again soon 🙌

Dora shared so many great tips and tricks to help build my confidence with diving. Thanks to her I am a more confident, competent and safer diver. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone!
Can’t wait to come diving with you again!!
Rory Atton and Jayne Mendez

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Quality is very important for me, not only in teaching but in all fields. Therefore I only recommend equipment, facility, brand if I have tried and happy with it myself.

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