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Be part of the TDI SDI family! The most flexible, progressive agency you can find.

Why choose international training

There are many agencies to choose from. There are no perfect ones. But I have really found my favourite working with TDI SDI

Flexible teaching

Instead of spoon feeding step by step what and how to teach, you have the option to see what your students need, what level are they and what do they need to practice more.

Also, every location is different. Add the skills and knowledge




The first agency which introduced eLearning, use of computer from the Open Water course.

Always up for new technologies, inventions and new research. Actively encouraging instructors to think out of the box



You are not dealing with a huge corporate, but a family-run business, which is highly professional, while still close to You. Steph and Brian are actively diving themselves, and all other team members are divers too. International Training is just easy to work with.


sdi instructor course in malta

SDI Instructor course

Become part of the TDI SDI family, and take your SDI instructor course in Malta. Learn how to teach good divers! My IDCs are not simply about ticking skills but real-life applications of how to get the best out of your students!

tdi instructor courses in malta with dora farkas

TDI Instructor course

Teach technical diving courses with the largest tec organisation. Enjoy the support and all advantages that TDI as an organization and brand can provide! Also, it is important, to “live up” for the name. Make sure your skills are instructor level before you apply. Special workshops are also available.

tdi sdi crossover courses

TDI-SDI crossover course

Are you an instructor already and interested to switch? We have a great stimulus package available for you! Contact me for details and a special deal designed for You!

Take the deal and join the ITI family.

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Recreational courses are also available by request

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