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rEvo rebreather courses are now available as well! Air diluent deco or Helitrox course options

To Start

Check out these courses to start your path in technical diving

TDI technical diving advanced nitrox  course

TDI Intro to Tec

Without foundation, you can’t build a house. This course will give you what you need to be a better diver and able to focus on your skills when you further your education. Advanced buoyancy training, global awareness and teamwork. Not only for technical divers!

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tdi intro to tec with dora farkas

TDI Advanced Nitrox

This course will teach you about how the oxygen affects your body while diving, how to use safely up to 100% nitrox. Improves your basic skills further while introducing new ones related to gas exchanges. Learn more about different equipment used in tech diving

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TDI decompression procedures and helitrox course

TDI Decompression Procedures/ Helitrox course

Finally, we are getting to the course which gives you the knowledge about planning and executing actual accelerated decompression dives. You have two options on this course, you can take it either with Nitrox or Trimix. 

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take it to the next level

Advanced technical diving training

tdi trimix tdi trimix 75m

TDI Extended range /Trimix

This course can be taught up to 55 m using air/nitrox as bottom gas or up to 60 m on trimix. You will learn using multiple stages, safe gas exchanges, all you need for deep diving. With this course, you can already reach some of the historical wrecks around Malta

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tdi advanced trimix with dora farkas

TDI Advanced Trimix

This course is your last step regarding depth. You will learn everything to plan and safely execute hypoxic trimix dives. We will use 3-4 stages, practicing using travel gas and all necessary procedures for deep diving. Expect a lot of dive planning, but I really hope at this level we won’t need to practice buoyancy 

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TDI Advanced wreck course with Dora Farkas

TDI Advanced Wreck

This course is some serious fun! Full overhead-environment course specifically for wrecks. You will learn proper line laying, lost line and lost diver procedures. Malta is a perfect place for this training with plenty of available wrecks in shallower or deeper water, with many penetration options 

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Are you ready for more fun?

Special courses

sdi tdi sidemount course with dora farkas

SDI/TDI Sidemount and tech sidemount

The popularity of sidemount diving is growing exponentially. It gives you such a comfort underwater what you can not reach easily with backmount setup. SDI course for recreational level, TDI Sidemount course for technical diving

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SDI TDI dpv courses malta

SDI/TDI DPV course

Get on the fast lane! Currents, distance? Who cares? Take the DPV course to reach new divesites or be able to spend more time on the wrecks. Be careful. It is addictive you might not want to swim after…

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rEvo mod1 course Malta

rEvo CCR Mod1

Join the silent world of diving. rEvo CCR courses are now in my repertoire. Check out the details!

Air diluent deco diver or Helitrox diver options

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Recreational courses are also available by request

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SDI recreational courses

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