rEvo III EXPEDITION rebreather no rMS


Rebreather is only available with rEvo course with me or for qualified divers. There are different configurations available, contact me for details.

rEvo III EXPEDITION Petrel3 DiveCan non-rMS hybrid PPO2 controller


  • 3 sizes: Micro FT, Mini or Standard
  • Micro version is titanium, Mini and Standard sizes are available stainless steel or titanium
  • Dual Scrubbers
  • choose your MAV (Manual Addition Valve) hose length. (I recommend the short one, even if you are tall)
  • Weight Starts at ONLY 15.2 KG

Add 2 or 3 lt steel tanks with valves for 400 EUR

Upgrade the Petrel 2 computer to Shearwater NERD 2 for only 690 EUR

Upgrade “+” pack incl. superfabric ® wing(mini/micro), black cover, toolkit,… for 1100 EUR

Read more about rEvo rebreather features in this blog post.