TDI Extended Range/ Trimix

This is getting real

Train hard to dive easy 

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We are getting deeper

Again, you have two different paths:

TDI Extended Range gives you 55 m maximum depth using air/ nitrox as the bottom gas. Personally, I do not support deep air diving, therefore I highly recommend to take the second option. The skills are the same but you will use trimix as backgas to reduce narcosis

In TDI Trimix course you will learn to handle multiple stages, planning normoxic trimix dives up to 60 m minimum 18% oxygen. With this certification, you can visit some cool sites as HMS Stubborn or Le PolynesienEquivalent narcotic depth, gas reserve,  equipment selection, backup planning are just some of the topics we will cover.

At this level you need to be able to hold position for extended time even in blue water, have strong skills. This is not the course to learn how to dive. This course will make you ready for the Advanced Trimix course.

One tip:

It is always wise to plan a few days extra on your holiday when you come for a Trimix course. For example, just in case we have to postpone a dive because of bad weather

How long does it take?

The course takes a minimum of 5 days to finish.

What are the prerequisites?


  • Proof of a minimum of 100 dives
  • At least 18 years old
  • Advanced Nitrox AND Deco Procedures certification

What do you need to prepare?

TDI Extended Range/Trimix manual or eLearning

tdi extended range trimix manual

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