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What is this course about?

TDI Decompression Procedures course teaches you to plan and execute staged decompression dives. You can use Enriched Air up to your certification level, therefore students usually take this course in conjunction with Advanced Nitrox.

You will be certified up to 45 m maximum depth while using one stage cylinder to accelerate your decompression.

Why choose TDI Helitrox?

Certain environments are more demanding than others, therefore if you choose this course, you will have an option to use Helium in your bottom gas. The course requirements are the same as in Deco Procedures, but you learn about planning the dive and certain equipment considerations regarding Helium.

Furthermore, if you are planning to enrol the TDI Trimix course later, you will have your equipment setup and some theory ready.

The certification is up to 45 m depth using a maximum of 20% He, minimum 21% Oxygen. This will give you a comfortable 35 m equivalent narcotic depth.

Be prepared for a challenging but really rewarding course!

To participate in this course:

  • Recreational Advanced certification (rescue training highly recommended)
  • Officially minimum 25 dives, however, to meet all performance requirements, I suggest having at least 60.
  • Experience in Nitrox and Deep diving

How long does it take?

Minimum of 3 days

What do I need to prepare?

Study the TDI Decompression Procedures book or eLearning

For Helitrox, you will also need the Extended range – Trimix manual

tdi decompression procedures manual

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