TDI Intro to Tech

Build the foundation

Learn the basics of technical diving

TDI course flowchart

You can’t build a house without a foundation

Are you interested in technical diving, but never dived with twinset before? Or already did some training, but want to improve? Feel like something is still missing?

What will you learn?

Firstly, in the TDI Intro to Tech course, you can try different equipment. Secondly, you learn about the setup then the instructor can help in improving your finning technics, trim and most importantly, buoyancy control.

Also, we talk through about in-depth dive planning suitable for your level, helping you to be a better diver. You will learn about situational awareness, because isn’t it better to spot possible problems and avoid them to happen, than trying to solve them underwater?

After this course, maybe have a look at the Advanced Nitrox course as your next step.

To participate in this course:

  • You need to be minimum 18 years old (or min 15 with parental consent)
  • Be minimum Open Water Diver certified with 25 logged dives.

How long does it take?

Minimum of 2 days

What do I need to prepare?

Study the TDI Intro to Tech book or eLearning

tdi intro to tec manual

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