TDI Advanced Nitrox

Extend your limit to 100%

Get to use nitrox up to 100%

tdi advanced nitrox with dora farkas

Would you like to extend your dive time?

Visited your favourite wrecks many times, but you just can’t have enough? Why wouldn’t you stay longer!

What will you learn?

Here in the Advanced Nitrox course, you will learn to use up to 100% oxygen, in order to extend your no decompression time. This is the first step towards technical certification however won’t qualify you to execute staged decompression dives yet. This is a foundation course to learn the proper procedures of tech diving, including hand signals, team awareness, trim and buoyancy as well. Therefore this course is usually thought in conjunction with TDI Decompression Procedures. You can benefit from the combined course, getting certified up to 45m, using up to 100% O2 planning and as well as doing accelerated decompression dives.


How long does it take?

The course takes a minimum of 3 days to finish.

Combined with the Decompression Procedures, it is a minimum of 5 days.

What are the prerequisites?

For the Advanced Nitrox course, you need to be certified Advanced Diver with Nitrox Speciality from any organisation.

Have a minimum of 25 logged open water dives. I suggest however you have to make sure you mastered buoyancy control, and completely comfortable with your diving skills. Otherwise, start with the Intro to Tech course instead

18 years old (15 with parental consent)


What do you need to prepare?

TDI Advanced Nitrox Manual or eLearning

manual tdi advanced nitrox

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