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rEvo CCR courses are available in Malta!

I added a detailed article about how I decided to choose rEvo rebreather. Have a peek here.

If you already decided about the unit, and are interested to become a CCR diver, this is what you will achieve from this course:

You will achieve the following:

Your first step will be to become a CCR Air Diluent Deco diver. This qualifies you to dive up to 40 m on CCR using air as a diluent and one stage as a bailout.

Now rEvo Helitrox level is available as well. This qualifies you up to 45m using Trimix as diluent (21% oxygen)

Besides the general rebreather theory, you will learn all unit-specific information necessary to safely operate your rEvo unit.

You will be able to do basic maintenance, sensor changes and diagnose any possible errors, so you will not need to cancel a dive!

The rEvo has many backup systems built in, therefore the chance of missing a great dive is minimal as I might have already mentioned.


  • TDI Advanced Nitrox and Deco procedures diver (or equivalent)
  • Minimum 50 dives
  •  18 years old

How long does it take?

The course is a minimum of 6 days (minimum 8 dives plus theory sessions). Extra days will be arranged if necessary.

It is a very intense course, therefore a level of pre-study is necessary and expected. After all, it will leave you with more in-water time during the course!

TDI ccr rebreather manual
unboxing revo ccr

Course price:

1400EUR (vat incl) plus learning materials and certification (110EUR)

It is possible to rent a unit for the duration of the course, however, you will need your own eventually anyway, mostly also due that places in the world where you can rent rebreather are very rare. Therefore, we highly suggest purchasing your unit before the course, and we will guide you all the way from choosing your personal configuration, delivery, unboxing and set up, making the unit yours. Rent is 100EUR/day including O2 and bailout gasses. Sorb is 9EUR/Kg

There are several package options from rEvo rebreathers, all of which can be found in our shop. Delivery time is about 6 weeks so plan ahead!

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