Um el Faroud
um el faroud with Dora farkas tdi instructor
Um El Faroud - 110 m long Libian tanker. After a tragic explosion it has been scuttled for divers in 1998. Definitely the best wreck available from shore

The all-time favourite! The Um El Faroud is a 110 m long tanker wreck from Libya. She was scuttled in 1998 after suffered severe damage in an explosion while maintenance works were carried out in the docs. Unfortunately, nine workers lost their lives in the accident. You can find their names on a memorial plaque on the front of the bridge. A few years after it was scuttled, a huge storm battered Malta, which broke the wreck into two pieces. She is definitely the most spectacular wreck which is available from shore.

Lays in Wied iz-Zurrieq, Southwest Malta between 20-34m. Average depth 28m.

Currents can be strong here if you would like to max out your dives on this wreck, our tip is to take a DPV

Diveable in – even strong- Northerly winds, but do not attempt any time if the wind comes from the South.  It takes 8-10 minutes swim normally to reach the stern section. Lots of possible penetration points, especially interesting is the engine room. Since she is an artificial wreck, it is safe to go inside, but still, we recommend to use caution and carry the necessary equipment and have proper training before penetrating any overhead environment.

You can dive this wreck with Advanced Open Water certification, but to fully explore, the best is to have Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures certification or equivalent

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