Gozo wrecks – Xatt L-Ahmar
Gozo wrecks mv karwela
The Gozo Wrecks - Karwela, Cominoland and the Xlendi are decommissioned ferries
Xatt l-Ahmar alias Red bay is located in south Gozo. The 3 ferry wrecks aka Gozo Wrecks which you can dive here served for long between Malta and Gozo. The place is now an awesome location for wreck enthusiasts. They are not far from each other. Karwela is in the middle, Cominoland on her left and Xlendi is on the right. Be careful, do not plan to penetrate the Xlendi, very silty and unstable, since she lies upside down.

Karwela is the most popular, she has the possibly most photographed staircase in the world. ? All 3 wrecks are below 30 m with a maximum depth of 42m, therefore Deep training is necessary. We recommend bearing Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures certification.

Xatt l-Ahmar is a remote location, take water and food with you, and plenty of sunscreens.

The maximum depth is 40 m, average depth 35m. There is a huge plateau to do your decompression stops, look for octopus and seahorses.

What can you see at the Gozo Wrecks?

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