Schnellboot S31
schnellboot s31
The Schnellboot series were used to sneak into enemy harbours and torpedo ships or lay mines during WWII. It lies in about 67m next to Valletta, Malta

These fast low profile boats were armed with torpedoes and 20mm guns. Their main use was to sneak into enemy harbours and attack ships there or to lay mines around. Probably that was the objective of this Schnellboot S-31, but one of her freshly laid mine broke free from the anchor, floated to the surface and hit the ship herself. Karma? 13 of the crew were rescued, unfortunately, 13 were lost. The wreck is laying 65-68 m down, close to Valletta harbour.

The Schnellboot wreck is also in the protection of Heritage Malta, a special permit is required to dive it.

The cover was mahogany wood which rotten away leaving the structure visible. This wreck is only 33 m long with 5 m in width, therefore, you have time to go slow and look for little details. Stay away from the bottom, since the location is close to the port, it is silty.

Currents are usually not strong here, but watch out, the wreck doesn’t provide any shelter and it is close to the shipping line.

Necessary qualification

Previously you needed the TDI Advanced Trimix certification to visit the Schnellboot. However, now you can upgrade the Trimix cert to Trimix 75m! Check out this new option

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